SOFTsoap (CV-Concentrate)

liquid soap textile cleaning softsoap Thanks to the fat-dissolving properties of surfactants, virtually all water-based stains can be removed with the KREA Swiss SOFTsoap detergent concentrate (previously known as KREBS CV-Concentrate). The agent can be diluted with tap water in a ratio of 1:100 to 1:50 and heated, producing Hot Liquid Soap water which is ideal for natural stains. Environmentally friendly, odorless, skin friendly and cost efficient are other important features. Transportation, storage and proper handling of the product are uncritical. It is not subject to regulations for solvents.

The surface agent and the special detergent booster dissolve the dirt and hold it in abeyance. The stain is then dissolved by the warm detergent solution and removed by the pulsating jet. The liquid can be used with the SOFTspot textile system.

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