SOFTsoap 1l

SOFTsoap 1l


SOFTsoap (1l) (Art-Nr. 16-650-010). In stock N/A 1 kg .


Virtually all water based spots can be removed with KREA Swiss SOFTsoap (previously known as KREBS CV-Concentrate) thanks to its tenside rich grease-busting properties.

Transporting, storage and sensible handling of the product is completely safe and as it is a soap based product, solvent regulations do not apply.


  • Optimal fat dissolving results when used with: old KREBS TEX guns or K500, K850, K950, K1000, DUO systems / KREA Swiss POWERsprayer gun and SOFTspot system
  • Emulsifies special solvents to reinforce cleaning and sprays them out (rinse with clear water)
  • Transport, storage and environment friendly
  • Also available in 12 and 30 litre containers

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Weight1 kg


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