oilSPRAY – Oil Spray Gun

oilSPRAY – Oil Spray Gun


oilSPRAY (oS) - Art.-No. 12-140-102. In stock 33 × 25 × 13 cm .


The oilSPRAY (oS) oil sprayer gun has been designed specifically to spray thin vegetable oils (with a viscosity of around 18 DIN/sec) to thicker butter fats (of up to 36 DIN/sec), based on normal working environmental temperatures. The power settings and nozzle & piston sizes enable a thin layer of material to be sprayed, whilst benefiting from reduced overspray or noise compared to other sprayers and air brush systems. 

The 30 Watt oilSPRAY designed for spraying thinner materials such as oil and water can deliver a volume of as low as 80g/min.
Important- it is not suitable for thicker liquids such as glaze or egg wash!!

This tool is particularly interesting for pizza production or bakery applications reliant upon oil, where thin oil coverage is preferred.

Each oilSPRAY (oS) comes with an R4 nozzle, a bent nozzle extension, 2x 550ml containers with 1 lid and has a 30 Watt power rating.

Useful Links:

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Additional information

Dimensions33 × 25 × 13 cm
Delivery rate max. (water)

80 – 140 g/min

Viscosity max. (DIN-sec.)

18 – 36 DIN/sec

Container Capacity


Country of Origin


Output max.


Plug Type



1.2 kg


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