K1 - Solvent For Oil Based Stains

k1 solvent oil for persistent oil based stains
Pre- and post-spotting agent for removal of grease, colour and oil stains
The K1 is the spot remover for grease and paint stains, especially against persistent oil stains, such as machine oil, grease, makeup, lipstick, nail polish, pens and other staining substances.

1.   Apply just a few drops of the special solvent at the centre of the spot and gently work the liquid in to the area using the lid, or other tool
2.   Let the chemical action work on for 20 seconds or so then rinse out.
3.   Important: To avoid rings, ensure to flush the solvent out thoroughly with SOFTsolvent or the SOFTsoap.

Avoid contact with skin, eyes and stomach as the product is classified as an irritant.

K1 may damage acetate fabrics! Prior to spotting, we recommend to try the products on the seam.

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