chocMELTER 6kg … plus hotCHOC!

chocMELTER 6kg … plus hotCHOC!


chocMELTER 6Kg + hotCHOC + Extra Pack. In stock ND .


chocMELTER 6kg … plus hotCHOC!

The chocMELTER warming tank has been designed specifically to heat and maintain chocolate at a temperature range of 20°C – 60°C / 68°F – 140°F.  Depending upon the required temperatures, it can potentially be used for similar materials such as icing, glaze, butter and the like.

The chocMELTER warming tank provides a much faster, more accurate and more energy efficient solution for heating chocolate at a temperature range of 20°C – 60°C than any comparable product on the market

In summary, what makes it far more attractive than competitor products? Innovation.
·  1/4 of the energy use
·  Melts hours quicker due to heating from 5 sides
·  Accurate temperaure- measures the chocolate not the air void
·  Small, lightweight modern design with easy carry handles
·  Swiss Made- quality, modern technology and more hygienic

The hotCHOC has been designed specifically in close cooperation with Barry Callebaut (UK) to spray a mixture of 50% chocolate / 50% cocoa butter at a temperature range of 28C-35C / 82F-95F.
The special heating unit and insulation sleeve encasing the nozzle keeps the chocolate fluid and the container insulation slows down the materials rate of cooling. The 40W power settings and nozzle & piston sizes enable a thin layer of material to be sprayed, with minimal overspray or noise compared to other sprayers and air brush systems.


  • Solves clogged nozzle issues – the nozzle warmer and insulation avoids the need to reheat with a hot air gun!
  • Work for up to an hour without needing to reheat the container due to the insulation.
  • Localised spray pattern- minimal overspray.
  • Uses only Food Grade materials.
  • Simple, reliable and easy to use – no compressed air needed.
  • This reduced power setting also allows you to create wonderful ‘velvet’ effects without blasting your masterpiece off the table.
  • It can also be used for working with different materials/temperatures than those recommended such as glazes or other low viscosity materials. Performance and results then will vary.

The extras package for the hotCHOC (hC) includes a spare atomiser unit, plus 2 lids,1 container, one container insulation sleeve.
In addition to having a spare in case you lose the atomiser insert or valve ball down the sink whilst cleaning, you are also able to store different materials in the handy microwavable containers.

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