PRODUCT LAUNCH: innovative spotting & cleaning solutions

PRODUCT LAUNCH: innovative spotting & cleaning solutions

PRODUCT LAUNCH: innovative spotting & cleaning solutions

After an intense 18 months of product development, KREA Swiss is almost ready to start the roll out of it`s new and modernised range of spotting guns, spotting tables, mobile cleaning stations and mild cleaning fluids.

Known formerly under the “KREBS” brand, the company has been leading spot removal innovation for decades, with many high street brands insisting that their garments are finished with our toxin free spotting solutions.  KREA Swiss spotting solutions are known for their excellent mechanical cleaning (powerful jet) and heat (soap) elements- they are a much softer cleaning method than the industry standard practice of using dangerous toxic chemical solvents. However, with some of our systems costing as much as a family car and using overly-engineered, old fashioned specialist components, we decided to overhaul our complete product range to reduce prices and modernise our technologies.

According to Dr. Sean Kendrick, CEO of KREA Swiss AG, “the new systems have been designed around what the modern user actually needs, not what the textile or cleaning industries have historically been offered. They provide garment manufacturers with a much needed solution to products being delivered from the factory containing dangerous spotting chemicals.These new systems are light years ahead of comparable solutions”.

The first system to roll out in June 2016, called the “SOFTspot” will offer garment and textile producers a compact and fearture rich spotting table for garment manufacturers that delivers mild solvent, hot soap, powerful jet action and warm air drying – all from one handheld unit and without the need for compressed air.  The results will astonish – they provide not only faster, safer cleaning, new spotting features, a more modern design and freedom from compressed air connections, but perhaps just as importantly, they come with a price tag that is reduced by 75% compared to our older systems!

“The new SOFTspot combines the fullest range of spot removal flexibility with features that make it faster, easier and cheaper for garment and textile producers to remove stains caused during the production process” says Dr. Kendrick.  “The Return on Investment is incredibly quick and offers high street clothing brands and their customers with a much safer and responsible solution finishing process than using dangerous chemicals”

A range of mobile cleaning systems is also planned to start rolling out early to mid 2016, designed specifically to address on-site removal of hard to clean surfaces as mattrasses, office furniture, bus & train seats, curtains.

All KREA Swiss products continue to be produced in Switzerland using top quality components, and are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.

For more information and/or to be officially informed about the sales start, please contact Christian Berke on c.berke (AT) kreaswiss (DOT) com

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