After KREA Swiss (at that time KREBS Switzerland) brought their innovative cleaning guns into the cleaning industry it was just a matter of time until these sprayer guns conquered also the food industry.

Color spray guns have already been used for spraying food for about years, however, they have not been compliant with the food safety standard.

What makes the  KREA Swiss food spray guns so special?

KREA Swiss recognized this gap and developed their innovative food sprayers especially for the food industry, which are currently being used in all countries all over the world. The KREA Swiss food spray guns are certified of being „Food Safe“ commercial electronic food guns. The products are also engineered for long lives and are powerful enough to spray even very thick liquids like sauces and butter.

To guarantee spraying hot and cold liquids without residues from the container, special materials are used when producing the products. Applying materials to food with a spray gun is much faster than brushing and it also reduces material waste by an estimated 60%.

Happy customers include: bakeries, cake shops, butchers, hotels, hospitals, canteens, restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets and food factories.

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