About KREA Europe

KREA Europe GmbH is an independent company which operates in/for the European region. In particular for the €-zone countries, KREA Europe GmbH acts as a distribution & fulfillment center for the entire KREA Swiss product portfolio. We offer the products to final end-users as well as small resellers. The business model and company task is to give customers (small resellers as well as end customers) the possibility to avoid costs. Otherwise there are prone import duties like transport costs and/or other charges from Switzerland. KREA Europe GmbH also makes the products available more quickly!

Founded in 1946 in Switzerland KREA Swiss (originally under the name KREBS) is manufacturer of professional spraying solutions for the food preparation and textile production industries. The growing range of innovative products is designed to make the lives of small to medium businesses easier and save them money. All of our innovative products are “Made in Switzerland” using quality components and each one is thoroughly tested before being shipped.

KREA Europe GmbH

c/o Badenlogistik Rheinfelden

Bahnhofstrasse 102

D-79618 Rheinfelden

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